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Let The Joneses make your home a comfortable, functional and gorgeous sanctuary with professional interior design and decluttering services. We’ll visit your home to chat about your personal style and make suggestions before recommending a personalised package for styling and decluttering.

Throughout the process, we’ll take everything into consideration, including your budget. This means we don’t force our own style onto you and you can let us know the price-point you’re happiest with for every item. Book your interior design consultation with The Joneses today.

How It Works

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We will transform your place into a stunning and functional home you love.

How We Help

Auckland’s Interior Design Specialists

Working with a professional can make an incredible difference to the look and feel of your home. As experts we have an eye for what works and know all the secret tips and tricks to make a home feel spacious, functional and comfortable.

When you work with The Joneses, you’ll have the advantage of an Interior Design specialist who takes your personal style into account. We’ll collaborate on ideas, pieces and solutions that meet your budget and match your taste.

We can also help with organisation, storage, and decluttering your items. This step will give you the space and clarity you need to really get creative

Our declutterers are very empathetic and won’t force you to say goodbye to treasured items. It’s more about finding a place for everything and taking the time to clear out the possessions which are no longer serving a purpose in your home.