New Interior Design Styles

If you’ve been a big fan of The Block Australia you may be familiar with some new ‘styles’ that have recently emerged. These new interior design styles range from cottagecore to coastal grandma to Dark Academia, and New Zealanders have picked up the trend with vigor.

Coastal Grandma

Coastal Grandma has some reference to ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ and elements of the coastal look we are all used to, with the natural timber and blue and white look plus cosy elements like florals and pastels, with a balance of vintage and modern pieces.

If you love the feel of gazing at a field of wildflowers then Cottagecore could be the one for you with the country house feel and plenty of floral patterns, dried flowers, vintage furniture, open shelves, pastels and cosy décor.


Cottagecore is reminiscent of a slower pace of living, lovely smells of baking, gardening and sewing and connecting with nature.


Royalcore has emerged from popular tv shows and movies about royals and mobility, with an influence on style with floral wallpaper, gold accents, chandeliers, vintage furniture and ornate headboards.

Dark Academia

Dark Academia – dark colours, moody and a little bit gothic. Love Hogwarts? Then this style could be for you with heavy furniture like chesterfield sofas, extra long velvet drapes, persian-style rugs, and shelves packed with antiques and treasures of bygone era, and the more of it the merrier – forget the saying minimalistic, this is maximalism!


Cluttercore – Don’t get confused with piles of clutter around the house. This is all about mismatching and once again ‘more is more’.

No need to follow any rule book here, it’s all about lots of colour, prints and patterns and lots of furniture!

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