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Your buyers deserve to feel at home the moment they walk through the door – but you only get one chance at capturing their emotions and inspiring them to buy.

The property experts at The Joneses will furnish and decorate your home to match its style and target buyer, showing them the true potential of every room and living area.

How It Works

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Impress your buyers, create a bidding war and boost your sale price.

How We Help

Home Staging in Auckland

Our experienced Interior Stylists will evaluate the property’s design, taking into account size, style, shape, and surroundings, and will furnish and style the space to suit. Once we have spoken with you, viewed your property and provided a quote, our team of real estate stylists will bring the necessary furniture and accessories to present your home at its best.

Sell your property for thousands more with only a small investment in home staging. Our service is all-inclusive with no hidden fees – covering the consultation, planning, delivering, setup and leasing of furniture and other items. For a small investment, we will help you improve the selling price of your home by thousands of dollars.

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