The art of decluttering. Part 2: Clothing & Books

In my last blog, I shared a few of my decluttering ideas and thought it would be fitting to share more considering spring is here.

Use the two-year-rule for clothes — get rid of clothes that you haven’t worn in two years. We often keep clothes that have become a little snug, with the view to lose those extra pounds, they often become outdated or boring or never get to fit – sooo – sell them to a thrift store, online or donate them to the needy.

Go through your bookshelf and gather books you haven’t touched in months and ones that you aren’t planning on rereading. Be realistic and make sure you’re ruthless. If you haven’t touched it in a year, you’re most likely not going to reread it. Sell the books on Trademe or Facebook. You can even trade them for something else in some second-hand stores. You can always donate them as well!

I plan to commit some time to more of the above this weekend so will share more ideas with you next week.


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