The art of decluttering

It has been a busy couple of months getting the shop organised and set up and now that we are open, I have had a chance to take a breath, step back and take in all the chaos and clutter that has managed to happen around me, oh my goodness, it is a little overwhelming.

So, what to do, well, the best thing to do is hit the Pinterest site and get some ideas on decluttering. I have found some good ideas that I would like to share with you and this week, here is where I’m going to start.

The first step to taking care of yourself and de-stressing is to make sure that your environment is in order. Seeing your house full of clutter can affect your mood negatively and make your personal space seem like a place you want to escape from, rather than something to look forward to coming home to. Organise a “throwing out” day every month to make sure that you don’t have clutter building up. Here are some things you should consider purging from your home.

1. Old magazines
Get rid of old magazines you have lying around because chances are; you aren’t going to read them again. Find places where you can donate your magazines to such as child care centres, doctor’s offices, nail salons, nursing homes, and libraries. If there’s an article that speaks to you, scan a digital image of it and keep it on your computer. Or keep a folder of magazine clippings if you like saving magazine articles.

2. Receipts, bills, and documents
Throw away receipts for items that you aren’t planning on returning, and ones that you won’t need to use come tax time. If you’re wary of throwing away receipts, you can make a digital copy of them with a scanner or a smartphone app.  Throw away any outdated warranties; you can’t use them once they have expired.  You also don’t need to keep old insurance policies; your current policies are the relevant ones.

This should keep you busy this week and oh so satisfying when completed.

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