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Interior Design Shopping Trips

When you don’t have past experience with interior design, it can be hard to know what will work in your home. It’s easy to end up with couches that are too big, dining tables which always seem to be in the way and decor that just doesn’t flow.

Solve the problem of mismatched interiors or unsuitable furnishings by booking an interior designer to accompany you on your next shopping trip. Your designer will let you in on the best-kept-secret stores which will suit your taste and your budget.

How It Works

Style Your Home With Confidence

Having an expert opinion will help you make the right decisions for your home.

How We Help

Shop Auckland furniture & homewares with an Interior Design Specialist

A shopping trip for furniture and home decor can be overwhelming, particularly if you have just moved into an unfurnished home. Avoid the mistakes of buying furniture that’s the wrong size or accessories that don’t complement your lifestyle by taking a professional interior designer on your shopping trip.

You’ll be in 7th heaven as you rely on someone who has styled hundreds of properties and understands your personal style for outstanding advice and ideas. Share your design thoughts, colour scheme or design preferences and we will have an amazing day out. This investment will make completing your home a fun and enjoyable experience.